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Chances are that if you're reading this you understand what GIT or GITHub is all about and naturally we use it and enjoy its benefits. Despite the name [and it's not an acronym] we like to keep things as relatively simple as possible and with our dear friend GIT the old aphorism of Too Many Cooks applies.

Because GIT was built for developers there is a myth that we all love the command prompt and live off Coke-Cola and pizza. Neither are true and thankfully GIT has a very fine GUI called SourceTree and we use this.

That is not to say that we don't and can't use the command prompt [$ git commit origin master] and all that, but when there is a perfectly fine App to control your use of GIT then why bother to remember all those command prompt lines [bar a few for setup as naturally the CLI is faster].

The other major thing with GIT is that it is actually a pretty major system in its own right and way beyond this rant, but let's KISS [Keep it simple...] and for small teams use it for real-world manageable Version Control and not a project within a project.

We use rather than but that's just because you get FREE private repositories with bitbucket; the two platforms are almost identical albeit big sister has a few extras which a very small number of developers might use. Both work.

Agencies and Developers are always invited to join our private repos - just drop us an eMail.